Friday, September 20, 2013


 Coat: Front Row Shop Knit: H&M Jeans: H&M (+diy) Boots: Dinsko

 Greetings from London!!
I apologize for the lack of posts but like you can probably tell, I just moved to London. Threfore, it's been pretty hectic with moving in and getting to know my surroundings. It's been lovely but rather overwhelming getting used to this place. Helsinki seems like a village compared to this city. I can feel the city wrapping its finger around me; this place is awesome! Hopefully, I will have time tomorrow to post up a little london post. These are quick snaps from my travel outfit before I took off. 

Talk to you soon!

Dani Zoo

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  1. I'm a bit jelous, I hope it doesn't take long till I go back to London. Hope u installed with no problems.

    Explosive MIX, CORAL and GREEN:::



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