Monday, August 12, 2013


This is the easiest DIY I've ever done. Well, almost, but the message is clear: draw-cut-outline-color!
I bet you've all seen jersey-like t-shirts in blogs, street wear and where not. LPD NEW YORK started this trend and it is so cool to me. Simple, yet so dope! When Brunette Braid did her tutorial here, I was convinced I will make one also. After all, I've done several shirts with the same method, so it wasn't going to be hard at all. 
All you need is a t-shirt, some stencil, a paper cutter, fabric paint and a brush. 
First, trace the writing on your stencil and then, cut it. Place it on the shirt and off you go! Color, color, color! I think black and white work the best with these kinds of shirts. 
Felt like I was on the basketball court again with my jersey on! Well, almost...

Dani Zoo

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